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Do Something for Yourself and Your Neighbors

There are two important things everyone should be on top of in the winter time and which inure to one’s own benefit! 1. Have Shovel, Clear Walkways – It is easy to ignore everything but your own driveway and sidewalk … Continue reading

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For Smokers and Tokers

So, you like to smoke. Thankfully, we can do most anything we like to within the confines of our home. However, if smoking cigarettes or joints or even harmless incense, you should consider doing one of two things: 1. Don’t … Continue reading

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Are You Ready for Rising Interest Rates?

Can’t say I didn’t warn you… Several months ago I was warning buyers and sellers to make a move ASAP before interest rates move up. The ridiculously low interest rates that the Feds have kept artificially low to make the … Continue reading

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Reasons Your Home Did Not Sell #1

There are several reasons why properties languish on the market and take a long time to sell… if ever. Let’s talk about the obvious one – Price. The biggest mistake a seller makes after they have decided upon a price … Continue reading

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